Building a home can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you start off on the right foot! We’ve got all the bases covered, even the ones you didn’t know about!

New River builds many types of floor plans, not just what we offer! With custom home building, your options are limitless. We design your future plans in house, to best fit your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

Budget. Set your budget, what you are comfortable with spending, and explore from there! Having a budget in mind will help you with your land purchase, your house size, and all options included in creating your masterpiece.

During construction, specific timelines will be given for choosing fixtures, colors and textures. All the little details that will make your house a home! We take pride in helping people think outside of the box, and push their comfort zones for an interior design that will blow people away!

Custom home building isn’t more expensive, it’s just more fun! We work one on one with every home owner to ensure that we are accurately painting the picture they have inside their head.